Construction Design and Whole Bunch of Other Useful Services

Novad Construction has beenĀ in the business for 30 years. We have been providing excellent construction services to clients in Las Vegas, NV and its surroundings. We are a full-time commercial construction service provider.

We have successfully completed various commercial construction projects in the past. These include retail and office buildings and even other projects like retail remodeling and tenant improvement. We carry out constructions both from plans drawn by other architects and from our in-house drawn building plans. We have carried out projects right from the stage of property acquisition to construction.

We have a team of highly qualified architects who will come up with a suitable construction design for you. You will only need to describe to us the kind of building style you have in mind and then we will use our expertise to come up with a beautiful and modern construction design for you. You can alternatively choose a design from our portfolio of previously constructed building designs.

Commercial Construction Company

Commercial Construction Company

Our designs team uses various tools and techniques to come up with construction drawings. They use 3D models such as SketchUp and SmartDraw among others. Our architects also use various rendering tools to help them ensure accuracy and to improve building aspects, such as form and lighting. You can, therefore, be sure that you will get the correct construction drawings from us.

We also deliver excellent building remodeling services. We can help you refurbish an old property. We will work on both the exterior and interior of the building in the process of remodeling it. We will replace any broken fittings, redo chipped floors, replace roofing, re-fence, repaint, and even redesign the driveway among other things.

We also provide building additions services to clients. If you wish to have a room or two added to your house, you can turn to us for help. We will carry out the entire process with the precision that is required when building additions.

Do you need any of those services? If so, be sure to give us a call at (702) 291-7293. We look forward to working with you!

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