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Your Guide to Spring-Winter Commercial Construction

Curious how the changing seasons might impact the timeline of your commercial construction project? While the dream of a new commercial establishment is exciting, understanding how the seasons can affect construction is essential. Read on to discover the various considerations for constructing a commercial building from spring through winter. Get insights from your trusted commercial construction company below!

Choosing the Right Materials

When building in different seasons, material choice is a significant factor. For instance, some materials handle the cold better, while others are optimal for hot weather. Concrete, for example, may need additives to handle freezing and thawing in colder months.

Cost Implications

One of the critical things many overlook is the effect of seasons on project costs. Typically, you may find that labor costs are higher during popular construction months. Also, prices of materials can fluctuate due to demand, so planning ahead is vital.

Weather Delays and Disruptions

Weather conditions are often the most unpredictable factor. Torrential rains, snow, and even unexpected heatwaves can halt construction. While you can’t control the weather, knowing the seasonal norms helps in planning and setting realistic timelines.

Labor Availability

The construction workforce also tends to vary with the seasons. During peak construction times like late spring and summer, you might find that labor is scarce. Alternatively, winter might offer more availability, but you’ll have to weigh that against the challenges cold weather brings.

Permits and Regulations

Different times of the year might have varying timelines for obtaining necessary permits. Authorities might be swamped during peak construction season, causing delays. Make sure you consider this aspect when you are scheduling your project.

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